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Art Collection

Karissa Narukami: A Collection of Creative Arts

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Canvas Collection

Karissa Narukami's 'Canvas' Collection is a captivating showcase of her artistic talent, featuring vibrant and intricate artworks on canvas. From landscapes to abstracts, each piece is meticulously crafted with a blend of watercolors, pencils, and pens, showcasing her unique artistic style and attention to detail. With a bold and imaginative approach, Karissa's 'Canvas' Collection is a testament to her artistic skill and creativity, capturing the viewer's imagination and leaving a lasting impression.

A Moment of Elegance_edited.jpg


Life Form Collection

Karissa's meticulous attention to detail and skillful use of watercolors, pencils, and pens result in artwork that is not only visually stunning but also reflects her deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. Her 'Animal' collection is a testament to her artistic prowess and unique ability to infuse her artwork with a delicate balance of animal and floral elements, creating a truly enchanting and captivating visual experience for viewers.

Animal - Sweet Parrot.jpg
Floral - Japanese Chrysanthemum 2.jpg


Floral Collection

Karissa Narukami's 'Floral' collection features intricately detailed illustrations of flowers, created with a mix of watercolors, pencils, and pens. Her artwork captures the natural beauty and diversity of flowers with meticulous attention to detail, using bold and vibrant colors or subtle and delicate tones. Each piece in the collection showcases Karissa's artistic prowess and deep appreciation for nature's wonders, creating visually captivating compositions that celebrate the elegance and vitality of flowers.


Mermaid Tale Collection

Karissa Narukami's 'Mermaid Tale' Collection is a mesmerizing display of her artistic imagination, capturing the allure and mystique of mermaids through intricate and detailed artworks. With vibrant colors and flowing lines, Karissa's masterful use of watercolors, pencils, and pens creates a sense of depth and realism in each piece. From serene to playful, this collection is a visual feast for art enthusiasts, showcasing Karissa's creative vision and artistic talent.

Mermaid Tale - Morning.jpg
Collection - Desiree.jpg


Destination Collection

Karissa's early artwork showcases her unique artistic style, using a captivating blend of watercolors, pencils, and pens. Her pieces depict beings intricately entwined with their beautiful surroundings, reflecting her imaginative and creative vision. Through her art, Karissa skillfully portrays a world where beings and their surroundings are harmoniously intertwined, showcasing her artistic prowess and unique perspective.


Artist At Work

Karissa Narukami can often be found fully immersed in her creative process, passionately bringing her artistic visions to life. With focused determination, she meticulously crafts each stroke and detail using a blend of watercolors, pencils, and pens. Her unwavering dedication and unique artistic style shine through as she pours her heart and soul into her work, creating captivating and vibrant artworks. Karissa's artistic talent is evident in every piece she creates, showcasing her passion and skill as an artist at work.

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